Note : If you diagram is not stored in Google Drive, please see this article.

In the File menu in, select Publish, then Link:

The Link dialog that follows provides options to change the sharing of the diagram, as well as options to configure the diagram viewer:

For a diagram to be publicly viewable, with no login, its sharing setting must be set to publicly viewable by anyone. You can check the settings by clicking on the "check" link:

If the sharing settings are wrong, click the share button to bring up the standard Google Drive sharing dialog. If you want the user to be logged in to view the diagram, set the sharing settings accordingly.

The view configuration options are:

  • Links - Configures how links in the diagram are opened. If you select "automatic" then anchors, relative links and links within the same domain open same page and absolute links open a new tab.
  • Border Color - Highlight color for shapes with links on mouseover.
  • Lightbox - Whether to show the diagram in a lightbox (read-only) or in the editor (use as template).
  • Show Edit Button - whether to offer an edit button in the lightbox that takes the user to the editor with that diagram loaded.
  • Layers - whether to offer the option to select which layers are displayed in the lightbox.

After pressing "create" a URL is presented:

This is the link to the viewer displaying the diagram with the options selected.


If the file is public, a link will be created that does not require a login. However, if the file is not public, a login and full read-access to all files in Google Drive will be required. This is to avoid having to open the file from prior to clicking on the link. To avoid this scenario, please add rt=1 to the link as follows: (but keep in mind that this will require the user to click on the file in