Embed > SVG is used to create SVG markup for embedding in an HTML page (or a service such as Blogger). The SVG markup does not have external dependencies, supports links and displays as a vector file (suited for retina displays). It also loads much faster than embedded HTML.


  • Fit: Diagram will adjust to the available width of the page
  • Shadow: Adds a drop shadow filter to the diagram
  • Image: Creates an image that contains SVG
  • Lightbox: Click opens the diagram in a new tab
  • Edit: Shows "Open in new window" button in the lightbox
  • Layers: Adds a layers control in the lightbox


Mathematical typesetting is currently not supported in the SVG output.

SVG is only supported in IE9 and later, and foreignObjects, which are used to display HTML labels are not supported in Internet Explorer (they do work in Microsoft Edge). If you need support for all versions of IE (includling IE6) you should use an image or embed HTML. If you need support for IE9 and later then you should use an image, embed HTML or make sure to disable Word Wrap and Formatted Text for all labels as explained here.