Problem does not appear to remember Google authentication correctly and repeatedly asks you to log in to your Google account, maybe at 5 to 15 minute intervals, or even less.

What Causes this? doesn't have a separate authentication to native applications, we use authentication directly from that domain and it's shared within a browser window. If you have multiple Google accounts and the account you are using in is not the default account, having any Google applications open in other tabs where the default account is logged in will cause your non-default account to be logged out. This is because the other applications periodically check that authentication is present, and if it isn't they automatically refresh your token using the default account, logging you out of the account you switch to in

Using the domain login in provides massive security benefits, i.e. they are really good at authentication security, better than us, so we don't do any.


 You can solve this in one of 2 ways:

  1. Change your default Google account to be the one you want to use in
  2. Create a separate profile, where your browser supports this (Chrome does). Then use a browser window for each Google account with the profile for that login. With no other accounts on that window, you will not be logged out.