Note: If your diagram is stored in Google Drive, please see this article instead.

You can create a URL that contains the diagram data within the URL. The URL invokes the viewer and loads in a static copy of the diagram at the time you publish it. Note that browsers have different URL size limitations, very large diagrams may create a URL that a browser cannot resolve. If you want a publishing system that works all of the time, use Google Drive.

In the File menu in, select Publish, then Link:

The Link dialog that follows provides options to configure the diagram viewer:

The view configuration options are:

  • Links - Configures how links in the diagram are opened. If you select "automatic" then anchors, relative links and links within the same domain open same page and absolute links open a new tab.
  • All Pages - Whether to show all pages in the diagram, or only the current page.
  • Border Color - Highlight color for shapes with links on mouseover.
  • Lightbox - Whether to show the diagram in a lightbox (read-only) or in the editor (use as template).
  • Show Edit Button - whether to offer an edit button in the lightbox that takes the user to the editor with that diagram loaded.
  • Layers - whether to offer the option to select which layers are displayed in the lightbox.

After pressing "create" a URL is presented:

This is the link to the viewer displaying the static diagram with the options selected.

Note: The diagram data is embedded in the URL created, it's not hosted anywhere. So, the link is always valid and you cannot "revoke" access, you simply don't give out the URL any further.