Note: Plugins are not part of the core functionality of, they are intended as examples for developers to create additional functionality. Plugins that we write are not always production quality and should be used as-is.

There are a number of built-in plugins that can be added to, either added as a one-off or for every time you use with that browser.

To load one-off, use the p=xxxx URL parameter. The following plugins are available:

Plugin ID
Example for defining custom sidebar and placeholders (see p1.js)
Adds Explore from Here in context menu (example), click handler for lightbox
Voice Assistant (Voice menu)
Adds icon for cells with tooltips (example)
Adds metadata and IDs in SVG export
Numbering all shapes in chromeless mode
Adds Arrange, Insert, From SQL
Shows metadata in chromeless mode
Adds Extras, Extract Text for extracting all text in a diagram
Adds Extras, Animation (autostarts in chromeless mode, example)
Adds data-driven diagrams in chromeless mode (see source for details, example)
Adds Extras, Record for replaying all changes on a diagram
Adds Extras, Anonymize Current Page to remove metadata and change labels
Adds Layout, WebCola Layout to run the interactive, constraint-based layout
Drop Freshdesk tickets into diagrams, see Extras, Update Tickets (example)
Adds Toggle Flow in context menu, edge click handler for lightbox
tagsAdds Extras, Tag Cloud for visual tag filtering and assignment

For example, to use the voice and ex plugins, the following URL is used:;ex

Install Permanently

The above method needs the p parameter to be used each time. If you want to configure your browser to load one of more plugins with, use the plugin dialog via Extras->Plugins.

In the dialog click add and enter the URL of the plugin (eg. "/plugins/foo.js", "") or an ID of the plugin the above table (eg. "anon"). If the p parameter was used, the value will be prepopulated with the value of the parameter. You can add multiple plugins by clicking add again.

When you are finished, press apply and then refresh the browser to have the plugins loaded.

To remove plugins go back to the plugin dialog and click the trash icon next to plugins to remove them.