Go to https://xyz.atlassian.net/wiki/plugins/servlet/ac/com.mxgraph.confluence.plugins.diagramly/gliffyImport (replacing xyz with your instance sub-domain):

Click "start import" and wait for the import to complete.

  • The total time required depends on the number of Gliffy diagrams in your Confluence.
  • Keep your browser tab open while the import is in progress.
  • Converting in progress will not affect the performance of your Confluence instance, but it's best to perform the conversion when as few possible users are active.

The result of the conversion will be:

  • All Gliffy diagram page attachments will be converted to draw.io diagram page attachments. The Gliffy data will not be deleted, otherwise reverting to an older version of a page that contained a Gliffy diagram will not function correctly.
  • All Gliffy macros in pages will be changed for draw.io macros that point to the converted draw.io diagram attachment.
  • From the user view, they will see the diagram in the page, as before, only it is a draw.io diagram, not Gliffy.