diagrams.net can use a number of different locations to store your diagram files, including your local device and several cloud storage locations: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Github and GitLab.

  1. Go to app.diagrams.net.
  2. Select the location or online platform where you want to save your diagrams.
  3. If you select a cloud storage location, you may be prompted to authorise diagrams.net and grant it permission to read and edit files stored on that platform.

diagrams.net will automatically remember where you have last stored your diagram files. If you used your browser, it will automatically open your most recent diagram.

Learn more about working with diagrams in the various storage locations

Store diagrams in your browser

If you click Decide later, your diagram is saved in your browser storage as you edit your diagram. When you save your diagram (File > Save) or quit, choose from the previously mentioned locations in addition to Trello and your browser.

Tip: Click on either Device or Download to save the diagram file to your local device.