There are two ways to run in Offline Mode.

Running the Web Application in Offline Mode

Going to the following URL into your web browser:, will download the application in the background, and allow you to work offline once the files are downloaded. Remember that you must visit this URL prior to going offline at least once in order to cache the application in your browser.

Running the Chrome Application

The easier of the two solutions is to run the Chrome Application.



To install you must have Google Chrome installed on your operating system, you can then click the "add to chrome" button to install Desktop. You will have a Chrome App launcher icon in your operating system now:


Clicking that will display your available Chrome apps, select Desktop from the menu: Desktop has access to your local filesystem regardless of whether you are online or not. When you have a connection the app will check for updates and update automatically when one is available.

Limitations of using in offline mode:

  • You can’t access or store diagrams using cloud services like Dropbox, GitHub, etc. Save diagrams to your device or browser instead.
  • Online help is not available, but you have printed our beginner’s cheat sheet right?
  • You can’t insert PlantUML text data.
  • Math typesetting is not available.
  • Templates are not available for creating new diagrams.
  • You can’t export to PDF, but you can print as PDF.