Selecting File from the menu bar brings up the following menu.



The orange logo in the top left will take you back to Clicking the title of the diagram allows you to rename the Google Drive file.This page will look at the menu options circled in the above diagram, as these are not common to all storage options.  Other option categories, such as creating and opening files, importing and exporting diagrams, or using libraries, are common to all storage options, and are explained elsewhere.

Creating and Opening Files 

How to Import Files

How to Export Files

How to Embed Files

How to create and use custom libraries

This page will also explain how autosaving is handled when using the Google Drive storage option.

Saving, renaming, and copying files


Saving files

Google Docs diagrams will be automatically saved when you close them down.

Renaming files

File -> Rename allows you to give a file a new name.

After choosing a new name, click Rename to complete the operation.

Copying files

File -> Make a copy duplicates the file in a new tab, and allows you to change both the name and the storage option for that file.

After choosing a new name and/or storage option, click Create to complete the operation.

Moving files

File -> Move to folder transfers the currently open file into a new folder.  Below we see a single file in My Drive.  We want to move it to the public sub-directory.

Having opened the file in, with Google Drive as the selected storage option, we select File -> Move to folder to bring up the following menu screen.

Here we can select a Google Drive folder to be the destination for the file.  If there are a large number of folders, it might be helpful to use the filter field along the top of the menu screen to only list folders starting with a particular letter or sequence of letters.  There are also buttons in the top right corner: one to toggle between grid view and list view, and one to select different sort options for listing the folders.We now select the public folder to be the destination for the file, and then click Select to move the file.

We can confirm that the file has moved by looking in the public folder.


Google Drive files are autosaved every 30 minutes, as well as when you close them down, so you don't need to manually save the diagram.  This feature cannot be turned off.