The files used in the free version of for Confluence Cloud can be used by installing a historical version of the Connect JSON configuration files. 

Warning, note that:

  • The files are from a snapshot in time, no bug fixes have been applied after that time.
  • The implementation is missing later-implemented functionality, like autosave and security fixes, for example.
  • We do not provide support for the free version
  • We do not test the process of reverting from the pay-for version to the free version, you do so at your own risk.
  • If you lose data in the process and revert again to the pay-for version, we do not provide support to attempt to recover this data in this case.

This isn't an attempt to scare people into upgrading, if you're on the free version it is reasonably safe to continue on that version (aside from the lack of security patches), downgrading is the risky process.

To downgrade, go to the manage add-ons screen in the admin panel at, replacing the xxx with the correct domain for your Confluence instance. Find the plugin, stop any trial or subscription and uninstall the plugin. Note that uninstalling does not delete any data.

Next, at the bottom of this page click settings, tick the box "enable development mode" and press apply. This is needed because the configuration file is different to the one listed on the marketplace entry, so you have to install one not in the marketplace.

Then click "upload add-on", for the URL enter "". Press upload and it will be installed.