01-DEC-2018: Collaborative Editing in beta for Google Drive, OneDrive and GitHub

tl;dr To enable it, add "sync=auto" as an URL parameterClick here for details.

Collaborative editing is not currently available when using Google Drive

draw.io has been using Google's real time system for Google Drive since it was launched in 2013. However, Google are switching off the system, so we are having to switch it off, as well.

We were hoping to have a replacement system up and running in time, however, production tests have shown issues remaining with a number of key areas. We will continue to work on the replacement, you can follow progress in this card.

At 9am UTC November 12th 2018 all draw.io files saved in Google Drive will switch away from using Google's RT system. External changes will be detected and a dialog will be shown to overwrite the changes or save a copy of the file:

UPDATE: Due to a bug in Google Drive, detection of external changes is disabled. We're using "last write wins" with no detection of external changes currently and are trying to find a workaround for this bug in Google Drive.

If you have questions we'll be hosting a webinar on the 12th, you can see the recording at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsqXjwNZVsA.


Q - Where will the draw.io file be stored?

A - In your Google Drive, as before. Real time was a model assoicated with Google Drive files, but we always stored the diagram XML in the Google Drive contents, itself. That won't change.

Q - Do you have an ETA on the replacement?

A - No, there's too much research going on to say when it'll complete. We spent some months working on one architecture, but had to throw it away in the end.