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In March 2019 Google announced they are deprecating the functionality to obtain a data dump of real-time (RT) Google Drive files:

RT files were the default storage used in for Google Drive files between March 2013 and November 2018. If you came to this article via a footer link in, that means you have RT files in your Google Drive.

After November 2018 switched to writing XML data only to Google Drive. When you open RT files we convert the file in the background to the current file type, you don't have to take any action.

By default when saving RT files, we always saved the XML in the Google Drive file, except if you switched off auto-saving and did not manually save. If that is the case, only the RT storage of the file will be up to date and you need to export the RT file and convert it before the cut-off date.

Please note we have no access to your Google Drive, so you must action the converter. To do this, navigate to:  <--- THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO CLICK

and click "OK" in the dialog that appears. Leave that window open and we will attempt to convert all of your files. There will be one of two possible outcomes:

  1. All the files convert sucessfully. You will not see that footer again and do not need to take further action.
  2. Some files will not be able to be converted.

If (2) occurs, you will be shown this link that, when you click, will take you to the Google Drive interface and list the files that failed to convert. For each file listed:

  • Right-click and select "open with..."
  • Once open let the diagram open fully.
  • Click Save->File

Repeat this for every file in the list.