Important : diagrams are stored as page attachments. As long as you migrate attachments, the diagrams will appear correctly on pages after migration in any direction (cloud -> server, server -> cloud, server -> server, cloud -> cloud, and server and data center are counted as same thing in this regard). The rest of this article refers to migrating pageID in links within diagrams to the new instance pageIDs, but the basic migration will always work. cloud and server apps allow user to export related data that can improve the quality of the migration between instances (but, as noted, the main migration process still in all directions regardless of whether you follow this process).

The improvements this process makes are to 1) Help the new instance understand embedded macro types are not common between server and cloud instance (not the standard drawio macro, that is understand between instances without the need for translation) and 2) links within diagram to pages. This uses the pageID of the target page, which changes randomly between instances. The page mapping exported corrects the mapping in the links on the target instance.

Server and Cloud both fully support both export and import of the pageID mappings.

How to export:

- Go to admin

- Select export tab

- Click on Export button 

- After export is finished download link will appear

- Download file

How to import:

- Go to admin

- Make sure Collaborative editing is turned off and re-indexing is performed before continuing

- Select import tab

- Open exported file in text editor

- Copy/paste text from the file to text box (do not make any changes in it)

- Click submit

- When import is finished link with report will become visible

- Download report and confirm that there are no errors

Note: Confluence takes some time to re-index a newly imported space especially big spaces. We suggest waiting for some time before running Page IDs import.

Important note

Sometimes after space import, users might experience discrepancies between content in the page viewer and the page editor. In that case, we recommend restarting the Synchrony service.

Go to General Configuration > Collaborative editing and choose Restart Synchrony.

Working around the CONFSERVER-59196 bug

Starting from version 7.0.0, Confluence has been hit by a bug which has forced us to disable bulk operations such as migrations.

In order to use the workaround, you need to update the plugin to 9.2.7 or later and add the URL parameter to the admin page so the URL reads like the following:

The workaround will simply re-try a failed operation, there is no risk involved. However, we cannot guarantee the  workaround being 100% success.