draw.io cloud and server apps allow user to export draw.io related data in csv format. This data can be later used to update migrated confluence instances.

Currently draw.io cloud supports only export functionality. Exported cloud data can be imported in draw.io server apps.

Server supports both export and import functionalities. This can be used when migrating from one server confluence instance to another.

How to export:

- Go to draw.io admin

- Select draw.io export tab

- Click on Export buttonĀ 

- After export is finished download link will appear

- Download file

How to import:

- Go to draw.io admin

- Select draw.io import tab

- Open exported file in text editor

- Copy/paste text from the file to draw.io text box (do not make any changes in it)

- Click submit

- When import is finished link with report will become visible

- Download report and confirm that there are no errors