Users can add comments to diagrams in Confluence Cloud, Confluence Server, Confluence Data Center and also to diagrams saved in Google Drive. 

Add comments to a diagram in Confluence

  1. Click on a diagram when you are viewing a Confluence page to see it in the lightbox
  2. Hover over your diagram in the lightbox to make the grey toolbar appear at the bottom. Click on the little comment symbol (image 1)
  3. In the comment box that pops up at the side of your diagram, click on the little plus symbol (+) to add a new comment
  4. Type your comment in the text field, and click Save (image 2)

Note: Comments can be added from editor also.

Add comments to diagrams saved in Google Drive using online 

  1. In online, open a diagram saved in Google Drive (File > Open from > Google Drive)
  2. Click comment symbol (top right) or View > Comments
  3.  All other steps (adding, saving, editing etc.) are the same as described in the article 

Edit, respond to and resolve comments

Edit - allows you to edit a comment. Edit any comment or reply you have written.

Reply  - reply in the comment you want to respond to. Comments will be nested, so it’s easy to see what reply belongs to which comment (image 1).

Resolve - resolve a comment. This will automatically add an extra reply to the comment that shows who resolved it and will remove the comment thread from the list of open comments.

By default, only ‘open’ comments are displayed. Click on the small tick () icon in the comment popup dialog to see all comments, both resolved and open. Resolved comments have a light blue background (image 2)

Delete or re-open comments

Delete - allows you to delete any unresolved comment or reply permanently. Click OK when asks if you are sure you want to delete your comment.

Re-open - resolved comments can be re-opened on a resolved top-level comment. When you re-open a comment, you'll immediately be prompted to enter a new reply so you can explain why you re-opened it.

Note: Deleting a top-level comment with multiple replies will automatically delete all of its replies.

How do I know if a diagram has a comment?

When you look at a diagram on a page in view mode (not in the lightbox), you’ll see a small grey comment icon at the bottom right in the diagram. Click on this little grey icon to open the diagram in the lightbox mode and automatically display the open comments.

When you open a file stored in Google Drive (File > Open from > Google Drive), click View > Comments in order to see if there are some comments.